Suthran's Order
Instant Tango activation
{{{duration}}} Tango duration
2 seconds Tango quest icon repeatable
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Rarity White (Common)
Number 182203259
Level 1
Stack 1
In-game Link [item: 182203259]
Suthran's Order
Quest Item
The Brigade General's Order
Only one can be carried
Available for Level {{{level}}} or higher
Cannot Split
{{{race}}} Only
{{{craft}}} skill (?p)
A written order from Suthran to Morn.
Double-click to read.
Reuse Time 2s

Acquisition Edit

Given by

Quests Edit

Required for
Tango quest icon The Brigade General's Order [?]

Document Edit

Suthran's Order (Morn)
Left button
Right button
- 1/2 -

- Operation: Annihilate the Black Claws! -

From: Brigade General Suthran

To: Archon Centurion Morn

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