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    • Hey Zjzr, I did this by using the Wiki supported JS and CSS pages.

      You could do this with only using CSS but you also want to restrict the array where this is active. Because you will get some weird links as when there is an image with a link below the whole image background and link will light up. By adding this script I was able to prevent some of it but it still not perfect like on this page those image pages Dragon-1 you can't even see the name 0.o

      On the MediaWiki:Common.js page, I have a script that search for a link in a particular section of the page after the page is loaded (it does not work with the preview mode).

      $(document).ready(function(){ AFTER THE PAGE IS LOADED RUN TROUGH THIS CODE $('#mw-content-text') in this section of the page /div> .find('a[href$="Elsewhere_17"], search for all these links a[href$="Elsewhere_20"], a[href$="Elsewhere_22"], a[href$="Elsewhere_23"], a[href$="Elsewhere_28"], a[href$="Plethora"], a[href$="Stairway_to_Oblivion"], a[href$="The_Black_Pit"], a[href$="Under_Skull_Mountain_1"], a[href$="Under_Skull_Mountain_2"], a[href$="Under_Skull_Mountain_3"]') no comma at last link .addClass("Cave"); then add this Class="Cave" }); Don't copy the JS code you see here, copy it from the MediaWiki:Common.js page, or it will not work.

      And here Special:CSS I have the style for the class Cave

      .Cave { background-color:#e02000; border-color:#e02000 !important; color:#fff !important; border:solid 1px; border-radius:3px; padding:0 2px 0 2px; }

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